winter blues and other melancholies


winter is a really rough time of year.

it’s a time to hibernate and sleep and breathe and recoup, but sometimes, you don’t really get that option, so you dig your heels in and put your energy toward everything else that needs attention and forget about the rest.

and you know what?

that’s okay.

we have this maddening societal need to always hustle, always move, and i really truly think that’s the cause of a lot of our problems.

granted, society is also set up in a way that also necessitates the need to always be grinding, but that isn’t the best case scenario in the long run.

no wonder we’re sick and burnt out all the time.

this winter, try to take some time to breathe and be and rest.

not that you need my permission to do so, but i promise you it’s okay.

the world will be there when you get back to it, whenever that might be.



blowing the dust off


i’m not going to lie.

i over-extended myself to get to the con earlier in the year and i’ve been suffering from extreme burnout.

that said, i am feeling more ambitious and creative than i have in months and i’m ready to kick it in the ass and get back to doing the things that i enjoy!

watch this space in the next few weeks as i re-organize and get everything back into tip-top shape!

next up? studio crawl!


to con or not to con


was it ever a question?

i’m taking a leap and vending at my first fan convention this year and let me tell you, it’s a little nuts.

this does not bode well for the rest of the weekend, considering that this is only thursday.

remember me fondly, friends, for i may not survive!

spring has sprung!


… maybe.

part of the joy (and frustration) of living in the midwest is that there tend to be anywhere between 3-7 “false springs” before the true spring takes root and the weather starts to look up.

while this can be disheartening, i try to look at this period as a time to really settle in to the idea of the hectic hustle and bustle that is summer and take stock of what i want to carry with me as i move forward.

i also take this time to deep clean my home of the winter stuffiness and whatever baggage (both physical and emotional) remains from the sleeping months.

this summer is one that i’m looking forward to for various reasons, but mostly, i am just thrilled with the idea to get out in the sun and soak up the warm, soothing rays of light and breathe the fresh air of the outdoors again. it’s been a long time coming and not something i take for granted.

what are you looking forward to this spring?

grief is just love that has no place to go


i’m thinking about my grandma today.

actually, i’ve been thinking about her a lot the last few months.

see, this year, it will be ten years since she passed and it seems like both the longest time and the shortest time since i last got to tell her that i love her and most importantly, that i was sorry.

my grandmother and i weren’t on the best of terms when she passed. she was being stubborn and frustrating and i was being a bratty 22 year old who wanted to help in so many ways but also wanted to not feel obligated in doing so.

when she got sick, i told myself that there’d be time. that i’d be able to apologize and that she would tsk and shake her head and call me “stephie” and it would be fine.

but that’s the thing: you never know for certain that there’s going to be more time and in this case, all i was left with was a broken heart and so much regret.

i love (not loved, because i haven’t stopped) my grandma. she was very much a pillar in my life and shaped a lot of who i am today.

we used to play scrabble on the weekends, and even though i tried my best, i could never quite beat her even if she tried to help me get the best words and the most points.

i remember one time, i was riding this little banana seat bike she’d bought for us grandkids and she was outside tending her plants (geraniums or lambs ear or some other plants that have been lost to the haze of years) and for whatever reason, she decided that she was going to try and ride this bike.

needless to say, it didn’t work out well. i don’t even think she made it a full rotation of the pedals before she tipped over and landed sideways in the grass. i don’t think we ever laughed so hard.

another time, i had stayed over night like i did so many times before, but this was different because this was my birthday and that meant i deserved to wake up to the most special things. i don’t remember what she made me for breakfast (probably pancakes and eggs), but one thing i do recall is that she had somehow managed to hang a crummy little handmade “happy birthday!” banner over the couch i was sleeping on, all because i said that that was one thing i really wanted.

i miss those days.

i miss sitting with her in the mornings, discussing dumb little things or what we decided was important in that moment or how her favorite baseball team was faring.

i miss listening to her slurp her morning “cappa-chino”, even though it drove me nuts at the time.

mostly, i just miss sitting in her calming presence.

when i was with my grandma, it felt like whatever else was going wrong in the world or in my life at the moment didn’t matter and wasn’t as horrible as i was making it out to be.

i suppose i miss that safety, because i haven’t really been able to find it in quite the same way since.

hold onto your loved ones, friends. the gaping hole they leave behind never quite scabs over and it will catch you unaware and leave you sobbing and in pain when you least expect it. the best we can do in those moments is honor our feelings, honor our loved ones, and maybe, a little bit, live in a way that makes them proud.

at the end of it, i just hope that wherever my grammy is, she knows three things:

i love her. i miss her. i’m sorry.

i think she knows. i hope one day she’ll find a way to let me know. until then, i suppose i will just have to learn how to be content in the knowledge that she’s not suffering and she’s at peace.

that’s worth something too.

to those of you who still have your grandmothers, do me a favor and hug them extra hard today. give them a call. ask them about their day. tell them you love them and that they mean the world to you.

for me.