some days, you just need popovers


yesterday was a rough day.

there wasn’t anything particularly bad about it, per se, but there were just a bunch of small inconveniences that kept piling on and on until it was just too much.

it happens, right?


anyway, shitty day aside, i decided that to fix my mood, i was going to make popovers.

i haven’t made popovers in years.

that said, they’re super simple, provided you don’t open the oven.

i neither confirm or deny making that mistake.

part of the fun, though, was just randomly deciding to make a treat that i’d not had in years and let me tell you.

it made me feel much better.



celebrate your little wins


i made rice successfully for the first time in my life the other day.

never mind that i made it in the instantpot and all i really had to do was dump the rice, water, and spices in, set the timer, and run away to let it do its thing.

i didn’t burn myself, the rice, or my apartment so i’m counting it as a win.

there’s been far too few of those lately and i’m grabbing whatever i can get with my barehands and not letting go.

what are your little wins?

let’s celebrate them.

xx steph